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Indians are passionately in love with gold, and their passion is growing, making India the second-largest gold consumer in the world. As per projections, India's trade volume in 2020 will be over 446.4 metric tonnes. With 4,50,000 goldsmiths and four lakhs gold jewellery stores in the country, it's more important than ever to verify that customers purchase only genuine and authentic jewellery.

With Over a decade of experience, we have built a global hallmarking brand. We are a reputable competitor in the market of hallmarking and inspecting raw gold and ornament and we are known as Prince Hallmarking & Refinery Pvt. Ltd. We have build our name in the market for the high quality of legible and long-lasting trademarks on jewellery.

Our expert team is dedicated to providing customers with the best quality services in their comfort.

What does the term "Hallmarking" mean?

In the simplest form, hallmarking is an internationally recognised official mark that certifies the purity of precious metal items. According to the government's new policy, From January 15, 2021, hallmarking will be mandatory for gold jewellery and antiquities. All jewellers are required to issue their jewellery and antiques to be tested and hallmarked. We can assist you in getting a BSI-certified hallmark on your jewellery, whether you're a bit goldsmith or a large manufacturing company. To achieve a qualitative management process, we at Prince Hallmarking & Refinery Pvt. Ltd. operate and apply Indian Standard 15820: 2009 and IS 1418: 2016, and IS 2113: 2014 for Assay laboratory testing. A gold jewellery verification card is also available.

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The Prince Hallmarking & Refinery Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO-certified precious metals testing and hallmarking firm with over 12 years of experience. Since 2008, our skilled staff has been in charge of ensuring the integrity of precious metals products. When it comes to our selling qualities, we have endurance and dedication, which positions us as a market leader. We have over 25 testing and hallmarking labs throughout India, all of which are approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards to meet the IS 15820-2009 requirements for gold and silver testing and hallmarking. Check out the various services we provide

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